XMS provides a full compliment of legal services for law offices:

Film Copies:
We scan, digitize and sort your x-ray films. Expect superior image quality productions printed on either x-ray film or photo paper.

CD Printing Services:
Images stored on CD’s printed onto x-ray film or even photo paper.

CD Copies:
We can make multiple copies of your CD.

Scan Films to CD:
We scan/digitize x-ray images and save to a CD. The CD comes with an image viewer which allows viewing on any computer.

Reversed Images:
We can reverse the image to enhance viewing capabilities.

Special Exhibits:
We can provide special print exhibits for presentations in the courtroom.
We can crop individual images from a series to print onto photo paper or poster size exhibits.

Legal ExcellenceExperience:
In business since 1997, X-Ray Medical Services has provided professional services for law offices, hospitals, physicians, dentists, veterinarians and other professionals.

Technology: We strive in setting high quality standards by maintaining state-of-the-art
equipment ensuring the best available technology for our customers.

Our Image Specialists are registered x-ray technologists familiar with all imaging modalities. We can serve as your expert consultant to assist you in obtaining the best images possible.

We are committed to providing excellent service and customer satisfaction!

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Phone: (804) 288-8530
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